Sunday, July 10, 2011

to you.

i just spent a long time just staring at this blank box. i've been away for so long i've completely forgotten how to blog :/

i don't know what to write anymore.

everything is happening so fast now its like i cant grab time and it just make it all stop. i've been extremely disappointed with myself in so many ways it's blocking my mind from doing anything. it's the worst feeling ever. if there was actually any way of brainwashing myself, i'd love that.

i'm not gonna try hide anything now. not gonna try and be a professional writer. i'm just gonna be me. ranting about the days you've missed in my life.

SO. i've started school, i've caught up with all the notes/homework/projects(ish) that i've missed and JUST when i thought i could kick back and relax, BAMMM i've got my unit tests this week. yay.

we've moved into our new (but temporary) house. it's alright. it's definitely not what you would call a "living haven" but it's still pretty fine. it's nice and cozy. my room has it's own little balcony which i LOVE. i spend most of my time there reading and writing and listening to music and texting.

the weather here is terrible. it's warm and humid and it's meant to be the monsoon but the clouds don't wanna cry. it's tough.

life's been treating me fine.. great actually. things have happened in my life that have overwhelmed me and those can't be mentioned on here in public on the internet to every single living being. lets just say it's given me hope. it makes me happy. it makes me feel loved. it gives me a reason to be alive. if you're reading this, you know who you are. <3.

but other than that... i've been taking my time getting used to my surroundings.. taking pictures endlessly and hoping for everything to turn out fine.

i'm disappointed at this blog. i didn't write anything i wanted to. the next time i write i swear i wont disappoint anyone, including myself. i've got nothing left to say anymore. a picture of me and my brother below. i love him.

if i had my way i'd delete everything i've typed so far and just have a blank post. but i wont do that because i promised myself i'd blog till the point internet's dead. and partly because... well... i wanted to blog today.


  1. TANVI!
    i found you on blogspot. well i made my blog here.
    its been so long since i saw ure blog posts so i thought id find you here
    visit me??

  2. hehehe i willll visit youuu. (: glad you found me!