Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's strange. The fact that i'm actually back home. i don't feel home at all. home to me is somewhere i would feel as if i belong in the place. i don't belong here.

it's almost a week since i got onto a plane and said goodbye to shanghai. it feels as if it's been years. partly because i didn't have to "get used to" the environment cause i've already lived here for 7 years. i've been wanting to blog for ages now but haven't been able to because we're staying a guest house for now and we didn't have internet. we do now, so here i am :]

after moving here i made myself some promises... not exactly resolutions but they're things i want to do before i move agin. one of them is writing better. if you look at my old posts on piczo and then read the more recent ones, you'll notice that i've changed. personality wise and writing wise. and it's not a coincidence. i want it to be like that. another one is staying close to my friends. i checked my email for the first time in ages and i was, well, upset cause there was absolutely no messages from anyone i knew, just facebook notifs. i mean i get that everybody's on vacation right now but i just felt as if i'm already forgotten or something. so i'm writing to everyone. i wrote to alot of people last night and i've got my fingers crossed. for louise, however, i'm doing something different.

I'm writing her letters. for myself for now anyway. i'm writing to her for a year about everything. everything that's happend... everything that could happen... everything on my mind. and in the end of the year i'm going to send them to her. i'm making it like a scrapbook kinda thing with pictures and everything. so louise, if you're reading this.. be prepared to see the letters next year :}

I might not be able to update for a few days cause i need to be catching up with the work i've missed at school and trust me, it's alot. well.. yeah. that's it for now. have a great rest of the week! :}

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