Sunday, June 19, 2011

never enough.

the packers were here today. they left about an hour ago. the house feels so empty now :/ it's how it used to be when we first moved into this apartment a year ago. it's back to being normal. this morning the living room and dining room and my room and... well basically every single room was stacked up with boxes, therefore the pictures below. i don't know what our next house will look like, i don't think i want to know, really. this is the shortest we've ever lived in a house but i can still call it a home in some way. my room wasn't that special, it had no personality or anything. but it's going to feel so weird once i start sleeping in a different room.

it's hard to think that this time next week i'm not gonna be in this country anymore. it's tough keeping up with the reality of it all, i guess. ever since i moved here it's like i've lived my fairy-tale. hanging out with friends whenever i want to, going out, spending my own money...

what if i never get to do that anymore?

but there's still hope. i've been emailing a girl from the school i'm joining for a few weeks now and she's basically told me everything about the school. it's good being a new kid when you kind of already know someone there. she says that she has told people about me and they can't wait to see me. just the thought of people wanting to meet me makes me smile. it makes me happy. i like being happy.

i promise, this is the last time you'll see me like this, feeling depressed and upset and all that. the next time i write i'm probably going to be in india in my new house with a new (and hopefully better) internet connection. and i'm probably going to be happy that whatever i thought bad about the place turned out to be wrong and maybe it's not that bad after all.

all i have to do, is hope. 

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