Friday, June 3, 2011

Into the night.

aright. so i was out almost ALL day. but it was nice. had fun, goofed around, had frappeccinos, ran into people, ate at blue frog, over all a pretty good day. my weekend will now consist of over sleeping and the sims and ice cream. i've got about 3 weeks and then i'm gonna be all busy catching up with stuff i've missed in the school i'm gonna be going to in india (because the semester there starts on june 15 and that's just a week before the semester here ends). so yeah, i'm gonna like chill now. plus i've got a long weekend and i'm spending my monday with LOUISE <3 so you should be expecting bazillions of pictures thenn.

yeah, i dont have anything to say lol. nothing big has happened all week. just exams, writing papers, drawing on my hand, etc etc etc etc.

have a lovely weekend!
tanvi xxx

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