Friday, June 3, 2011

I won't be the one to disappoint you.

this may be the first time in AGES when i've posted two times in two consecutive days. wow. so as i said last night, yes, i overslept (woke up about 10 min ago) and yes, i am playing the sims, and yes, i'm eating unhealthy shit. :) so yeah after i posted last night, i was just messing around in my room. i was actually so bored that i started burning stuff and taking pictures of it burning. :/ please don't judge, it's some kind of disorder i have. i like burning things and watching them burn and curl and become ashes and then smell the smoke, i love the smell of it. yes, i know it's dangerous and stupid and harmful but i can't help it. it's a habit. :/

so well i'm going out with my mummy today. gonna do some shopping :} and then i'm spending the rest of the day home alone and baby sitting my brother cause my parents are going furniture shopping. it's like we're buying everything for our house in india over here. it's aright i guess but it's like my parents are out every single weekend going to that store.

i've been going through people's blogs today, like people i've followed but never really went back to because the notification thing on piczo is the worst thing ever. and when i read haaallie's post it kinda hit home. what if i lose every single friend i've made in shanghai? i mean, it's an international school. how likely is it that i'm gonna meet them again? i might visit shanghai again next year or something but i donno my friends might be on the other side of the globe or somethingg. or even worse, what if the friends i made in india don't like me anymore? it's like i can't stop worrying over it. it's just.. argghh. i don't wanna go. i know i've said that SO MANY TIMES but fuck it. i love shanghai. and... yeah. i don't. i don't wanna go. :'/

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