Friday, May 13, 2011

In another life.

I've never felt loved;
Never felt that feeling you get knowing that there's someone out there thinking about you;
Never known a person who might feel the same way about me;
Never felt that warm knee-weakening feeling when he puts his hands around my waist;
Never felt the love of a boy;
Never been hugged with pure adoration;
Never been kissed in the rain;
Never been sung to under the moonlight;
Never been looked at as a loved one;
Never heard his soft voice whisper in my ear;
Never been pushed against a wall and kissed;
Never had a picnic with him by a river;
Never had his shoulder to cry on;
Never had his arms to fall back on;
Never been told I was beautiful;
Never been fought for;
Never been taken;
Never been swept off my feet;
Never been bought flowers and chocolate for;
Never been called at night just to be told I was loved;
Never been through it.
Maybe my time will come one day.

-Tanvi x

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