Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm here now.

You may know me from piczo, or from flickr, or even in person. But you know, I'm gonna introduce myself anyway. :] I'm a thirteen year old Indian (New Delhi) who lives in China (moving away soon though). I enjoy taking photographs, reading blogs, reblogging stuff on tumblr, retweeting stuff on twitter, watching reality t.v. shows, sunday morning tea, using brackets when I write and using tons of smiley faces :) I love my friends, love my family, love almost anybody who loves me back. I'm a loud laugher, I like making people smile when they're upset and well... I like being around people who understand me. I like the summer breeze and I like cold winter nights when you can cuddle into a corner with a quilt and read a good book. I need to have a let out source which is basically why I blog and why I write a diary.

Basically, I'm all about photography and emotion, don't know what part the "words" come into but it's out there somewhere, and it gets to me sometimes but there's times when I honestly don't know what to write (like right now, I'm just writing out whatever that comes to mind) And there's probably nobody reading this and I'm just sending stuff into a large internet-hole, but I need this. Specially because piczo is being mean and has been "Under Maintenance" for the past two weeks. Psh.
Well anyway, I think that's it for now really. Hopefully see you next time :]

Tanvi xx

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