Sunday, March 2, 2014

17 Things You've Probably Never Been Grateful For

  1. Advertisement breaks. I mean, when else would you get to go for a bathroom break or grab some extra dip for your nachos without missing anything from the oh-so-very-engrossing-TV-show-or-oh-so-very-scandalous-music-video you're watching?

  2. The one senior you hated all through middle school. If he/she didn't exist, you wouldn't know what to not end up as when you did grow up and entered the scary world of board exams and internals that decided your final grade.

  3. FAs throughout 9th and 10th grade. Admit it, you wouldn't be getting a 9.4 above CGPA if you didn't submit that English summer book report, or the math project about some chapter you aren't ever going to learn.

  4. Criticism. Are you really trying to tell me that you'd be able to keep your mouth shut while watching a horrible movie with actors that don't even fit the role, or while listening to music which is most definitely 110% auto-tuned?

  5. People that think that they're really great at something just after a few lucky chances of doing it. Without these people, we'd obviously just end up having a shortage of things-to-criticize.

  6. Girls that ensure that their tits are hanging out in every single profile photo. Yes, without them, nobody would be on the search for (and in the constant state of appreciate for) the very rare specie of a good-yet-fun-to-be-around female.

  7. People that don't belong to your particular fandom. Are they or are they not the only reason why you get to fight for (or in the defense of) your significant-other-that-doesn't-even-know-you-exist?

  8. People with bad grammar. They teach self control (specially to the grammar-nazis out there) and also encourage the fact that nobody is perfect.

  9. The brb-but-I'm-actually-never-going-to-come-back messages. They save you from continuing pointless conversations with people that you shouldn't even be interested in talking to which only cause embarrassment and awkward moments.

  10. Attention whores. Nobody's going to notice that you're having a bad hair day or that you've got a volcano pimple on your nose as long as these ones are around, yay!

  11. Narcissists. Save you from coming up with creative compliments everytime they put up something breathtakingly beautiful because clearly they already know that it's breathtakingly beautiful.

  12. Pain. You wouldn't know if there was something going wrong with your body or mental state if this little dude didn't exist.

  13. Jealousy. Competition's always healthy as long as there's no bloodshed involved. Also hey maybe in the process of it you realize that all you need to do is become a better version of you instead of morphing yourself into someone that's just like the person you're jealous of.

  14. Internet shortages. We do spend a few minutes just refreshing the page over and over again just because we're in denial BUT thanks to these we do manage to get our asses off the bed/sofa/floor and do something productive and old-school too.

  15. Murder. Without it, nobody would realize that these nasty things could become the basis of some amazing writing pieces and then eventually some great movies and novels and TV shows. (most definitely not referring to Sherlock here)

  16. Web gyaan. Even though most of it is just bullshit in HTML form, maybe somewhere along the way you find something that does some how end up getting to your head.

  17. Sarcasm. Really? Do I REALLY need to elaborate here?

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