Thursday, February 27, 2014

If I Described You To A Stranger

If I described you to a stranger, I'd start off with the aura you create. The way you manage to stand out in a crowd, even if dressed in black. The way even though you've got a common build, a common face, and a little about common height... you're not that common of a person at all. I'd talk about your voice, and how you compare it to that of a horse. I'd tell the stranger how soothing you sound at 2am, and how anybody could swoon in it's honey-like warmth.

If I described you to a stranger, I'd tell them about how hard-shelled you are (or appear to be), and how the glisten in your narrow brown eyes prove just the opposite. I'd tell them you're never too afraid to stare a person down, unless they mean something to you. I'd hint how you can't stand silence, and you'd always be found in the center of something noisy and grand. You fascination with music, are, and everything that is truly important in life is what makes you who you are, and there's no doubt of me mentioning it.

If I described you to a stranger, I'd take forever to list out every thing you've ever done right... but I guess I'd have to attempt it anyway. I'd talk about your generosity, your kindness, and how you wouldn't ever admit that you possess those qualities. The way you have the power to break anybody's heart open so new light can get in, or even be a mirror to closely view your own flaws.

If I'd describe you to a stranger, it wouldn't matter to me how tall, beautiful, fit or talented you are. 'Cause all there really is left behind is the brilliant person under the ripped out ego. And so I describe you, in the hopes of finding you again... just as you're hoping to do the same.

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