Friday, February 21, 2014


A little about 3 years ago, this little 13 year old I know started a blog to express how sad she was about moving cities (hell, countries).
A little about 36 hours ago, I hunted down that blog. Re-designed it, and told that 13-14 year old little writer to be re-born again somehow.
And here I am, letting you into my head. One post at a time.

I don't know how to write this thing without making it look like some advertisement making you want to come back here to read whatever I have to say.
So instead of listing out the things I can't do, here's what I-probably maybe with insane amounts of luck -can.
1. I can be an awkward potato.
2. I can creep you out a bit, but manage to inspire you at the same time.
3. I can write pointless lists which are probably of no use to anybody at any given point of time.
4. I can be funny. Ish. Sort of.
5. I can attempt writing things that people might actually find entertaining.
6. I can please you, without having to admit that I'm trying to please you.
7. I can take pictures.
8. I can also do awesome cliff hang-

So yeah.
This is a blog.
Where People write things to express themselves and share things about their lives and also express opinions about how pissed off they are about certain things or how happy they are or how special they feel because of a certain person. Basically, it's a platform where someone gets to exaggerate their life to a level where the audience can remotely feel "envious" or "jealous" or any similar emotion.
Now, that's not my goal here.
I don't want to brag. Or give you any gyaan. Or anything of the sort that would make me a repulsive person.
I live for my art, and I live for the people that inspire me.
And THAT, my dear reader, is why I'm here. To inspire.

*insert cheesy violin music and fairy dust and maybe even flower petals if that fits in the budget*

These little black boxes are going to mainly consist of words scribbled in a notebook at 2am, english assignments which I really like, photographs, poetry, and maybe even the very rare v-logs. Maybe rants about how cruel the universe is; because I'm a teen and I need to do things that teens do no matter how hard I pretend to nurture the so-called adult in my head.

That's that.

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  1. You dont need luck to creep me out. The description was good enough for that. :P