Saturday, October 1, 2011

why you?

because you make me smile when i don't want to. because you love me for who i am. because you accept me for the weird person i am. because even though we fought due to me being so stubborn, you stuck with me. because you're there when i need you. because you've kept me alive. because you've seen me cry. because you make me smile. because i make you smile. because i care about you. because you say i'm different. because your cold hands make me melt. because your hug makes me feel safe. because your kiss takes me to another dimension. because i've seen you be weak. because you tell me i'm weak. because you make me stronger. because you care. because we fight. because we love. because we have nothing in common. because you named me Cookie. because we argue about the stupidest things. because our parents don't want us to be together. because we hate our school. because you put up with me. because my past three posts have been for you. because you keep me sane. because we're both crazy in our own crazy ways. because i let your past hurt me. because you've got the memory of a gold fish. because we could text all day and all night and not get bored. because you keep me up late at night. because you keep me thinking. because you never leave my mind. because you lie. because i can never hate you. because i can't stay mad at you for too long. because i love you even though your words are like knives. because i've gotten used to your mood swings. because i have an entire book dedicated just to you. because you won't let me take pictures of you. because you love me. because i love you. because you, are simply just you <3. 

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