Thursday, September 29, 2011


it's funny how a small glitch can change everything.
funny how a small mistake out of love could change everything.
funny how everything actually changed.

time has passed,
i'm still not okay.
tears fill my eyes,
as you go your own way.

"save me!" i scream,
but you don't hear a thing.
your words like knives,
kill more than they sting.

if only "sorry" fixed
the mistakes, the hurt, the harm.
i'd find myself, only for once,
walking right back into your arms.

i'm scared to death of losing your love,
your voice, your touch as well.
the forever we had, which we'd hopefully keep,
seems to damage my every cell.

i'm not ready to lose you. and i never will be. i can't lose you. i may have ruined everything.. but i won't let them make it worse. the pain is eating me up alive. the tears drown me. i hate this.

why you?
why me?
why us?

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