Thursday, June 16, 2011

time's ticking.

months turned to weeks, weeks turned to days... and soon, those days will turn into hours. i've got exactly a week left here and i'm still not ready. i've cried so much in the past few days it feels as if every bit of emotion has dried out. there's times when i just want to it to get over with and just move already, but then there's that tiny bit of sadness and emptiness that makes everything come crashing down. that tiny bit. i sound like such a sob right now :/ i'm not always like this, i swear. 

i'm trying to spend every bit of my spare time and time after school with my friends next week. just the fact that i may never see them anymore scares me. maybe that's the thing. i'm scared. i'm afraid. i'm terrified. i'm not ready. i never will be. although i would rather think about the good things that are out there, i'm stuck in the past. i'll always be stuck in the past, i know that for sure. 

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