Monday, November 28, 2011

i found myself falling.


i didn't know where i was.
where i am.
where i would be.

i find myself surrounded by faces i have never seen.
faces that speak, ask me things.
i do not know the answers to those questions.
they spoke a foreign language i did not understand.

i was lost. confused. broken.

i aged 10 years in a matter of days.
i sat for hours staring at the ceiling.
i let myself drown in my own silence.
in my own tears.

too young to have such a heavy heart;
too young to be feeling so much.

i am telling myself to be stronger.
to swim back up to the surface;
to use up every molecule of oxygen i have left to make the most of these moments in life.

i am coming back.

and it's because of you.

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